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Click the icon for an explanation of RSS feeds



The icon was introduced in Mozilla Firefox to indicate the presence of an RSS feed. Microsoft has also adopted it in order to promote a defacto standard.


To see how feeds are handled in IE 7 click this thumbnail ...




"..... do not underestimate the impact of millions of desktops worldwide getting not only a new browser (IE 7), but a magical little orange button. Not everyone will click on it, but those who are curious will, and then the fun starts. As more people around the world start reading RSS feeds, big things will happen. It will force everyone to begin integrating feed communication initiatives into their marketing and PR programs. News and blog posts are just the beginning. Couponing and all kinds of other communiques will go into feeds, as well as ads and more. That little orange button might look small, but boy is it big."  Steve Rubel


Blogs and podcasts can also be accessed via your RSS reader


If your browser doesn't support RSS feeds you can download a free RSS Reader here http://www.rssreader.com/


Click here for a list of media feeds in the UK 



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