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Extending your Webs

IIS (Internet Information Server) running under Windows XP Pro only allows 
the creation of a single web-server.


You can however, extend your webs in one of two ways...


First Method


Create a virtual folder anywhere on your disk(s). (see virtual folders entry). 
This example is called fentest


Extend 1


To set up a web in the directory select Open (NOT New) in FrontPage 
and navigate to the virtual folder


Extend 2   Extend 3


When you click on Open FrontPage will show this message  


Extend 3  


If you click on Yes the Web will be set up in your virtual directory and can be called from pages in your web-server. Note that the URL will take the form of




or if you have a fully qualified domain name 



Second Method


Sub webs can be created under the main web. This can be done directly in the IIS snap-in


Extend 5


Or it can be done in FrontPage


Extend 6


Extend 7


You can now go ahead and create pages in your sub-web.

(It's worth noting that if you're really just concerned with keeping your site 'tidy' and manageable, then you don't have to follow either of the preceding methods - just create folders in your web ! )

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