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Just a few facts about me in case an old friend, colleague, acquaintance or genealogist should happen upon this site.


Born in York (05/12/1939) with the birth name of Shaun Fenwick Downes. Changed surname to Tyler in 1957. Nicknamed 'Fen' at school.


Married Christine Pye in 1963. We have four daughters, two granddaughters, three grandsons and one great-grandson.


Moved to Shropshire in 1965 and have lived in the same cottage since that time.


Main interests over the years have been DIY, music, films, sport, gardening, bird-watching, messing about with computers and visiting the Creuse !!


Discovered sport as a 30 year old and to make up for lost time played rugby and squash (with greater enthusiasm than ability !) into my 50's. 


Fully retired now but still take on little programming projects, website designs and network installations


Thanks for calling ! 


Fen                Daughters Four




Nunthorpe Grammar School, York

University of Hull - B.Sc(Econ)

University of Birmingham - M.Sc.(Computing Science)





Rowntree Cocoa Works

Northern Builders

Sidmouth Street Junior School

University of Birmingham

Department of Employment

Flintshire College  (now NEWI)

Sandwell College

Computer Sciences Corp.

University of Wolverhampton

Retired, September 2004


Copyright 2008 [Fen Tyler]