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Ever wondered if there was an alternative to a street cluttered with road markings and signs ?


Enter a Google UK search for "homezones" and follow the links. Some local authorities in the UK are now introducing this concept into their urban design.


The Ecolonia village project in Holland (commenced 1991) was based on a Master-plan (devised by Lucien Kroll) providing a framework for nine different architects with design priorities in the following areas:- 


                     use of rainwater; use of passive and active solar energy; energy saving
                     strategies; reduction of water consumption; recyclability of building materials;
                     organic architecture; durable materials; flexible ground plans; sound proofing; 
                     healthy building materials.


Since its inception Ecolonia has not suffered a single accident in its homezones (although these are shared by motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and children at play).



Ecolonia 1     Ecolonia 2     Ecolonia 3     Ecolonia 4



  Ecolonia 5     Ecolonia 6     Ecolonia 7     Ecolonia 8





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