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Sharing Files using FTP


Here's one way of passing files safely across your local network when using the IIS FTP Server. This technique can also be used to access files remotely via FTP (i.e. files other than those available to the anonymous user)

Uncheck or uninstall Client for Microsoft Networks/File and Printer Sharing (well advised for security reasons)


Sharing files


Under FTP create a virtual directory (preferably on a separate disk or partition) with write permissions 

Now set up an ftp client on each machine as shown here (substituting the name of your virtual directory in the initial path)




Click on the button at the bottom to create a convenient desktop shortcut. Files can now be passed quickly and conveniently between the machines by clicking on the desktop shortcut then using drag 'n' drop.


If you're allowing anonymous access elsewhere then  limit the possibility of your virtual folder being 'hacked' by choosing a meaningless mix of letters and numbers for its name, and under folder properties - Security, remove all users other than administrators. Regularly delete the folder contents.


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