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Perhaps rather dated in the age of .NET, but here are a few introductory VB6 programming exercises which may be of some use to someone somewhere. 


Each program has two links. 


From the first link you can run the executable (or if you are security conscious first save the file to disk for virus checking etc). Note that you may need the VB6 run-time files.


The second link gives the vb6 source code 







program code
Label colour program code
Font size  program code
Coins program code
Calories program code
Games program code
Colours program code
Conversion program code
Fillings program code
Grades program  code
Image size program  code
Months program  code
Shop program  code



Database data on VB6 form (This program will run if  NWIND.MDB is installed in the location shown below)


The program takes advantage of the data control in the toolbox  


This is the properties box for the data control



Further down the properties box the recordsource is set to customers


And here is the properties box for the label which receives the data



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