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Virtual folders in IIS/FrontPage

If your Web site contains files that are located in a directory different from the home directory or on other computers, you must create virtual directories to include those files in your Web site. To use a directory on another computer, you must specify the directory’s Universal Naming Convention (UNC) name and provide a user name and password to use for access permission.


Virtual folders are created via the IIS Snap-in (right click on Web Site select New - Virtual Directory) and can be located anywhere on the disk(s). An example is the iishelp folder (installed by Windows). This is located in the windows\help folder. The best indication of the folder's status is to open its Properties box and click on web sharing


Virtual folders 1


The folder is shown in the IIS snap-in: 


Virtual folders 2


Here are its properties:


Virtual folders 3


Once the virtual folder has been created its contents can be accessed by including it in the URL

(please note that iishelp files are no longer in the location shown above !!!)


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